About Us


Our Brief History

Greenville Chinese Culture Association, formerly Greenville Chinese Association, was founded in 1974 by 李紹麟, 蘇宗元, and 張葆衡. Over the past three decades, it has grown from a few family social club into a several-hundred-member organization. Over the past thirty years, it has transformed from focusing on member services into balancing member services and culture promotion.

Greenville Chinese Culture Association is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.


— Our Mission

Our mission is to promote cultural, educational, scientific relationships, further understanding, goodwill and foster social activities among people of Chinese origin and people interested in the Chinese culture.


— Our Service

GCCA offers basic Chinese classes all year round in Greenville, South Carolina. GCCA also offer folk dance class, Chinese chess, Chinese instrument, and a varity of other Chinese culture education lessons.


— More We Do

Sponsor culture event for other charitable organization

Administers Translation/Interpretation Services for various local government agency and business

Serves as liaison and provide support and information for its members, governmental units, businesses, and various non-profit organizations with respect to community affairs

Encourages and coordinates the formation of a social club where members will be allowed and encouraged to enjoy, appreciate and understand the Chinese culture and its origins

Promote, foster, encourage and sponsor discussion groups, forums, panels, lectures, meetings, programs or activities for its members of interest and benefit to the Chinese or friends of Chinese Community

Bridge the gap between Chinese heritage and the American culture.

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